श्री. संदीप पाचंगे

आजकालच्या मौजमजेच्या जीवनशैलीत आपल्याला सुरक्षित भविष्याचा विसर पडतो. आपल्या कुटुंबियांसाठी आपल्यानंतर आणि आपल्या वयाच्या उत्तरार्धात पुरेसे पैसे असावेत याची योग्य ती व्यवस्था करणारा आर्थिक सल्लागार प्रत्येकाच्या आयुष्यात असायलाच हवा, आणि तो जर सचिन देवकर सारखा मित्रच असेल तर काय बिनधास्त मौजमजा करत जगायचे.

"देवक काळजी"

- श्री. संदीप पाचंगे
ठाणे जिल्हा अध्यक्ष, विद्यार्थी सेना, मनसे

Mr. Sanjay Thorat

I am a satisfy customer of Sachin, Insurance and Investment Advisors from last 10 Years and more. Relations Mr. Sachin Devkar has developed and being religiously maintaining with their existing customers is really a great thing to admire. The firm not only help you to make wise use of your investments, but also keep you giving regular hints for best investments opportunities and market analysis. I am very relaxed when it comes for regular maintenance of your investments.

Sachin, Ins. And Ins. Advisors always, Proactively take follow up steps to alert you for your Maturity Plans, Yearly pay offs and Re-investment options. The firm believes in strong inter-personal relations and not serves you as only a customer but as a member of family.

I wish very bright and prosperous future for the firm and very long association.

- Sanjay Thorat
General Manager (Singapore/India)

Mr. Ninad Bhosle

I am very happy and highly satisfied with the Insurance and other financial investment advisory services provided by Sachin Devkar and his team. Everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner and I am rest assured that My investments are safe and are going to yield good results in the long term.

- Ninad Bhosle
Senior Manager - Bank of America

Dr. Ashwini Indulkar

Mr Sachin Devkar is a Excellent Financial Advisor, He guided us so well for Our Investment and Insurance with his safe and futuristic vision, He actually plots all Financial Plans for his clients keeping all the major fundamentals in his mind

We are blessed to have a Financial Advisor cum Friend like Sachin Devkar.

- Dr. Ashwini Indulkar

Mr. Aaditya Sharda

We all have come across with the term "After Sales Service". As a Customer we believe it as our right (Well Deserved Though) to get service from our Seller. Well with the service standards set in India are generally so low that almost all of us would have at least faced a situation where we repented our decision of buying the product in first place.
Sachin Devkar is the one who has redefined the standards of service. He is the person who actually gave My Family relentless service for more than 2 Years without we giving him any Business. His service were so prompt and righteous that after a point of time I was burdened with guilt of using his service despite not giving any Business. Unlike other agents that I have come across he doesn't seem to be interested in one time Business. He shall update You with latest Products, remind u for all ur Premiuim dues in time irrespective from where u have bought the Policy. To sum up it up he introduced me to " After Service, Sales..." I truly admire his patience and his strategy.

- Aaditya Sharda
MD Bizarro Infra Ltd

Mr. Hemant Mopari

I came in contact with Mr. Sachin Devkar almost 6 Years back when I was in My early 30's, post having multiple meetings with Sachin I realized that some of the decisions made earlier for My Financial Investments were incorrect, Sachin not only helped Me to rectify the incorrect decisions but also made Planning and ensured I follow the same till date.
Sachin has unique combinations of investment plan portfolio which Covers time to time Returns, Mediclaim, Retirement Planning, Long Term Investments etc. He has the best of knowledge to map the plans with different stages of individual's life which helps the individuals to visualize what he/she may have down the line during the lifespan. I am absolutely delighted with your service. It is really refreshing to work with a financial advisor who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed me was the way Sachin took the time to get a feel for where I was at the beginning of My Financial Planning.

- Hemant Mopari
Consultant Specialist HSBC software development India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Shashank Sharad Deshpande

Thank you Sachin Devkar and Team for your help with My Investment Portfolio.

I have contacted Sachin a year ago for re-evaluating My current investments and provide with the solution which will secure our future. After analyzing My current portfolio, He recommended couple of customized Plans (LIC + MF SIP and SWP) which will cover My Child's Education and Our Retirement Corpus.

He is very Professional in Terms of Providing service and keeping track of all the investments. He always comes up with innovative ways whenever I go with My queries related to investments. I am sure that all My investments are secure and will give Me very good returns in future. I am very satisfied with the service provided by Sachin Devkar and his team and I highly recommend his firm for Insurance and Investment Advice.

- Mr. Shashank Sharad Deshpande
Assistant Vice President, Yes Bank

Mr. Chandan Pandey

Sachinji has been a Guide and Mentor for My family for the Past 3 Years. Now we completely and wholly trust them for Our Financial Investment Decisions and go by their advice at all times.

We Share a Personal equation with Sachinji no longer have a client and advisor relationship. We are indeed grateful to Sachinji for their comprehensive services for the past 3 years that we have been associated with them.

-Mr. Chandan Pandey
Vice President, Prithvi Money Management Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Abhishek Kaushal

Sachin Insurance and Investment advisors is a very professionally driven agency. Sachin understands the customer's mindset and accordingly pitches the investment plans and does not hold any prejudice to sell only the higher premium plans.  He nicely calculates which plan is best suited and if he himself is convinced only then he pitches it to his customers. Sachin is a trustworthy person and that's really important since you discuss your complete financial history with them to arrive at a best suited plan.

Overall I am extremely convinced with all my investment decisions with them and look forward to keep investing as per their advice in future too for tremendous returns.

- Mr. Abhishek Kaushal
Country Head, Zhejiang trunsun Solar Co. Ltd.

Mr. Tushar Harsora

I have known Sachin since last 8 Years, Now and I can rightly say the kind of financial advisor he is, You would not find in the market. He has different and unique approach to look at market conditions and that brings best out of him. He is always updated with latest information and his marketing skills are one of the best I have seen. He is very instrumental when it comes to health and investment advisory.

I wish him luck and success for whatever he does in his career.

- Mr. Tushar Harsora
Manager, Citi

Mr. Yatin Naik

Sachin is a well known Name among the Insurance and Wealth advisors in Thane. His personalised wealth building recommendations, time to time informations on the subject keeps you updated. With health insurance he is been helping many to save money during hospitalisations.

I strongly recommend him and wish him all the very best!!!

- Mr. Yatin Naik
Manager-Procurement at Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Mr. Rahul Kudle

Sachin has been My insurance advisor Since 2007 and I will definitely recommend him for his ability to understand customer needs w.r.t. money management and suggest best options suitable to achieve them. I wish him and his firm best of luck !

- Mr. Rahul Kudle
DGM, Strategic Sourcing at Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd.

Mr. Amar Babhulgaonkar

Firstly, I hope everyone is keeping safe during this Pandemic.

Sachin Devkar is my insurance advisor for more than a decade now. The entire team is doing really a great job keeping their client first and thus able to gain all the trust. So one can say why I am giving the testimonial after such a long time span and the answer to that is hidden in the start. YES! You got it right it's the COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

Apart from insurance policies, Sachin is also advising me for my Mutual Funds investments started just a few months prior to the pandemic situation. And during the high market fall down Sachin was always on top of it and he gave me the right suggestions/advice due to which my MF portfolio was UP by almost 40% within 5 months.

This really showed that all my investments are in very safe hands.

So THANK YOU Sachin and the entire team!!!

- Mr. Amar Babhulgaonkar
Application Operations Specialist, IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

Sanjay More

Hi Sachin, Just wanted to tell you that Ashwini has helped lot to pass this claim successfully. She was handling this query from last 3 months and always happy to help.. Thank you Ashwini for your hardwork and support. This tell us that you know the process very well and your dedication to complete the task successfully to make customer satisfaction.
Once again thank you very much appreciate all your efforts and constant focus on you work.

Sanjay More

Suhas Deshpandey

I visited ur office today and met Ms.Ashwini. She was very helpful, courteous and guided me well regarding putting up the claim. The other staff is also very caring.
I am very glad to state that the office is spacious and very well maintained. I am really happy that ur progressing very well and ur now also in stock broking. I am proud that a Marathi youth like u is progressing rapidly.
My best wishes and blessing to you and your team. Please share my feelings with them.
All the best

Parag Chavan

Hello everyone. just like to share a small experience, my name is Parag Chavan and met with an accident few months back and was hospitalized for three days and was advised Bed rest for two months. To cover my hospital expenses I was having a mediclaim policy. but the loss of income for two months arising out of bed rest would have definitely affected my household expenses and would have hampered my savings done.
But thanks to Mr. Sachin Devkar for suggesting me to take personal accident insurance policy from Star Health and Allied Insurance company. This policy provided me with reimbursement which help me to cover my loss of income for 2 months thanks again to Mr Sachin Devkar and Star Health Insurance Company.
Sachin Devkar has been my insurance and investment advisor since many years. Prior to him I had met many investment advisors. But the thing which differentiates Sachin Devkar from the other Advisors is that he is not a SELLER.
He is a true investment advisor wherein you will get customised financial advices as per your requirements and budget, depending on current market conditions with prompt service. He is always updated with latest information and current market scenario.
I wish him all the best for his future endeavours. -

Parag Chavan (Regional Sales Head - West Zone) SAAR Education (1) Pvt. Ltd.

Prajakta Amol Gurav

A good friend plus agent always assures timely support to their clients in medical emergency. I would like to say that Sachin not only takes care of his clients concern, but also helps when we don't have policy with him and we needed support.

During covid period as my mother was hospitalized. And her mediclaim policy was not with Sachin. While settlement of bill, insurance company didn't approve our claim. However just on call, Sachin had extended his support and helped to get claim approved. Some people just go out of their way to be helpful and Sachin is one of them!

Thank you for your timely support! -Prajakta Amol Gurav

Mahendra Tank DGM - Metro Brands Ltd

I have known Sachin for more than 10 years. He always advises what meets the client's objective and interest. We meet once every year to review the portfolio ( insurance and mutual funds) and it is modified according to the latest changes and market conditions. This helps optimize the return and the risk cover. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.