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About Us

Friends, We all want to have Wealthier Life, Happy Present Times and Secured Future. So we Buy Properties, Invest in Equity, Accumulate Gold and so on. With changing times, traditional means of investments like Saving Accounts, Public Provident Fund and Fixed Deposits are diminishing the significance they used to hold ten years back. With changing dynamics of economy, it has become vital to protect your hard earned money from inflation and recession. A common man often does not realize that he needs to shield his earning capacity as well. What if unemployment, disease or accident, say hello to you some day and your income stops. Do you have enough insurance to cover the unforeseen situation? Will your investments be then handy enough to manage your family’s survival? Is your wealth growing at par with inflation, so you can maintain your standard of living in future?


Importance of health insurance for a sound heart health

In today’s fast-paced life, irrespective of how hectic our schedules are, we should take the time to focus on our lifestyle choices that ultimately affect our health, especially heart health.

Source:Financial Express

The best insurance policy for a senior citizen: Personal policy or employer’s group policy?

Employer-offered group insurance policies don’t have waiting periods. This means your senior citizen parents, if they are enrolled here, are covered from Day 1. But a personal insurance policy is lifelong renewable, irrespective of your claim history. It doesn’t stop the day you leave your employer.


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